Awlyn is a Nation is Evandor. Consisting of a majority Humans and a great Elves, Awlyn is a proud nation of great fortune. Reknowned for it's great military and quality carpentry, Awlyn is a wealthy nation that suffered the least from the recent Assassin Wars .


The people of Awlyn are often described as stuck up. Most are well educated, well spoken and generally do not want for much. Though they are polite, a Awlyn will just as quickly smile and compliment you as judge and gossip as soon as ones back is turned. A counter-culture is growing opting to spend the wealth on lavish, public parties, rather than keen spending, as has been tradition.


Theypool :

The Capitol of Awlyn, Theypool sits in the middle of Awlyn. It is most Notable for being situated by a gigantic stone arch, spanning over the entirey of the inner city. The Grand Arch is decoreated with magical runes, great stone carvings and usually adorned with banners. Also of note is the hall of their elite Military, the Crimson Falcons .

Hoormoor :

To the western end of Awlyn, Hoormoor sits deep within the Forest of lights. Prodominantly populated by Elves, Hoomoor is best known for their unique buildings made into and carved from the great trees found in the city.


Threepool :

Situated between three lakes, Threepool serves as a support village for Theypool. Threepool is generally the last stop of Nobles on their way to Theypool, as well as VIPs visiting the training grounds of the Crimson Falcons.


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