Map of Evandor

Evandor is a Fantasy Earth-like planet with a single sun. Evandor is currently in an age of rest, with The Assissan War just having ended. Nations are busy rebuilding, reforming and Corenating new leadership.

Realms of EvandorEdit

Nations of the West:

  • Awlyn : Occupying the south west of the continent, Awlyn is a proud nation of great fortune. It prides itself on their highly trained military and lush forests. Major Cities include it's capitol of Theypool and The forest City of Hoomoor to the west.
  • Kessemore:
  • Mano:

Nations of the East:

  • Allond: A small nation of Tieflings, Allond is a very private nation that few enter or leave. They hold a peninsula on the east of the continent. Major Cities include their Capitol of Allond and the fotress city of Barad Seare.

Island Nations:

  • The Hate:
  • Marothon:
  • Pedale:

History of EvandorEdit


  • 0AB: The Burning. The Once Great Nation of Eldewyn Ruled over two continents of Evandor was ruled by Raynor Condria III. Through the manipulation of agents of the abyssal plane, Raynor fell into madness, forsaking his diety and commanding the destruction all written word. He was mostly sucessful before being overthrown and his kingdom dismantled.
  • 854 AB: The Assassin War. A war behind the shadows fell into the open as it came to light that the Leaders of Awlyn and Kessemore had died due to Nefarious deeds. Though never officially proven, blame was set on the City-state of Mano. Events brought the Rest of the Western Continent to conflict. With the destruction of entire royal families, a peace was eventually called when the Holy Army of Allond arrived at the Battle of Widow Valley.
  • 856 AB: The Armies of Allond still occupy many of the Cities of the West, preventing civil war, coups and trying to keep the peace until real governments can be established. Though instructed to remain impartial, many feel that the Allondians seek to rebuild nations in their image and their favor. The quickest to recover is the Nation of Awlyn, which sufered the least amount of militay and Royal losses in the Assassin war. This is where our Adventure begins.